American Porch

It’s strange how April gave us some of the best weather so far.  With that I was able to fit in a few porch and patio projects on those rare sunny days.  I even fit in a little landscaping at my own house.  


This porch project was one of my favorites.  To this day when I drive past or stop in to see how things are going.  It warms my heart when the family is out enjoying it. Of course with this weather they haven’t been able to use it as much as they would like.  


 So this was the challenge. Create a seating area in the front yard. Client’s had just redid their landscape a year prior so placing anything along the house was out of the question. Porch would allow for a few chairs, but they were looking for something better.  They had a large tree that had recently come down leaving the front yard unlevel.  In comes the perfect spot for the seating area they so desperately wanted.


So with dirt, mulch, pavers, and small plants, my team went to work.  We leveled the ground with dirt the best we could. Making sure the dirt leveled away from the house.  Covered the dirt with landscape fabric, then mulch.  Added a boarder, and a few pavers for walking.  


On the porch we added arborvitae pines in large pots and placed them next to the front door to add drama and draw the eye up. Added some fun new pots, and a family favorite.  Then came the plants.  Adding in red, white, and blue flowers to carry the patriotic theme.  Adding different plants with various heights, some draping flowers for dramatic impact and some cat grass for their three cats.

Then came the FUN stuff. We completely transformed the space with a new metal glider, table, chair and of course cute patriotic cushions.

We added a double layer door mat and rug to set it all off.  Plus a door mat and rug in the breeze way to grab the last of the dirt. Also, a cute red, white and blue star door mat just for the 4th of July!

I’d say they now have the perfect summer spot to watch their kids play. Enjoy warm evenings reading their bedtime stories. Watching the stars and a great gathering place for family and friends. I can see this being the best room in the house.