The making of The Market Collection


The Market Collection is the first in a series of Market Statement pieces.  The Market Collection is the perfect dresser set that can grow with a girl into young adulthood.   It can be a bold statement in a master bedroom.  The pieces could be separated to create a unified theme throughout the house. They are so versatile! But, the thing I love most is the story behind the collection.


It all started when I was asked by a family to come and help them sort through a relative’s home that had passed away.  They were overwhelmed with trying to determine what was valuable and what wasn’t. Now, I am not an expert, but when you spend time in the vintage world you learn and thing or two.  So, of course, I was also able to pick some of the goodies for myself.  AND The Market Collection was found!


The 1920’s waterfall edge dresser set was not in great shape.  The pulls were very art deco and didn’t fit the age of the piece.  The top had contact paper attached.  I was taking a big risk with these pieces, but I had a vision.  


 The things I anticipated being the most difficult were actually not so bad.  The contact paper peeled right off.  I took the pulls off and set them aside, as I knew they wouldn’t make it back on the piece.  The sides and the drawers had some veneer issues that I wasn’t too thrilled about. Now, normally I inspect every piece really well.  I have learned not to mess with pieces that need a lot of work.  So, thinking this was the last of the problems, I started pulling the drawers for cleaning, sanding and taping off for paint. Wellllll, then I found the drawers were weak and needed repair.  So, one by one each drawer was disassembled, glued, clamped and reassembled.  Stop the madness!


 I was finally thinking I was done with all the bad ju ju, but no, I break the mirror.  THE MIRROR!  So, now I am on the hunt for a glass and mirror company.  Thank goodness for Google!  Off to Munster get a quote, and ultimately it was fixed.  


So, FINALLY, I can paint. The Market Collection is painted in the striking Coal Black by Fusion Mineral Paint and sealed with Fusion Hemp Oil. I decided to apply striped black and white wallpaper to side panels to match our Market logo.  The front drawers were also wallpapered with a paintable wall paper. A subtle metallic Pearl by Fusion was painted over the wallpaper to add the perfect shimmer.  I topped it all off with the perfect furniture jewelry; black hardware from D. Lawless Hardware. 


 Are you as exhausted as I am?  This set was a lot more work than anticipated.  It tested my limits yet challenged my creativity.  In the end, 1920’s waterfall edge vintage Market Collection was worth saving.